Sartén x Mango

The pan by the handle is a project carried out in the studio created with a close friend from collage and fellow designer, Diego Bernardeau.

Estudio Algo (Algo Studio)

The frying pan has undergone many changes over time with the incorporation and improvement of new materials, however the handle is rarely the object of inquiry.


In this case I made two proposals.


The first relates to the way in which I use my own pan when cooking; this involves leaving the wooden spoon leaning on the side of the pan while I pause the stirring action. However, all this leads to all of my spoons getting light burn marks.. This is due to the prolonged contact between the wood and the metal.

Finding balance is a game that’s an essential step of the process. For this reason, this proposal has a handle that rests the spoon directly on itself to avoid burns by the hot pan.

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