During two year I worked together side by side with a team of surgeons nurses and patients. 
My aim was to use design thinking in order to find better practices that avoided incidents.
One of the first solutions was to implement an existing method and to updated to eye surgery “the checklist”.
A checklist is key to avoid dumb mistakes even though it looks unreal some patients get surgery from the wrong eye because of tiny misunderstoods.
Fatigue was an other issue in surgery after several patients the surgeon developed every day back pain thanks to a bad position of the patient’s eye. with a non damaging kind of laser marker. we ensured that every patient had the same position so the surgeon could maintain his back straight during its long hours.
Seeing them perform surgery you could see how their wrist and hands had a lot of tension because of badly designed instruments. Tilting and designing several instruments their hand had no longer to be under so much stress.
Sometimes stressful words made the patient and the crew nervous that’s why keywords were meant to be used. Such as “camara estanca” for silence delicate situation.
Avoid using words as bisturi and so on.
Some other incidents came after the surgery, as the patient did not know properly what to do. Leaflets and a book of patients information were delivered. 
I designed and illustrated all of them.
Crew satisfaction was key. empowering people to talk about what went wrong and talking about what they did wrong and how it could be fixed.


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