Mobiliario Nómada Alejandro Gómez Slok para Algo estudio presentado enNude


A series of products for the digital nomad.

Project presented together with Diego Bernardeau under the signature Algo in 2017 NUDE  generation, at the Valencia fair and during the Milan design week 

We live in a world of constant change. Home ownership is increasingly becoming a luxury for most, and as a result many of us have taken to the road where we wander from one place to another under the name ‘digital nomads’ living under the natural and urban spaces that will afford us coverage from the elements. All these products have been designed to fit in a regular car of most sizes. The materials used are waterproof so that they can be used both in and outdoors.

Diseño mueble Cocina camping

Designed by Alejandro G. Slok The sitting position on one’s knees corrects the hip, helping to keep the spine straight.

The three positions allow for a game that encourages blood circulation by requiring certain muscles to work together to achieve balance.

Diseño mueble Cocina camping

Diego Bernardeau ktx prototype.

The kitchen is made of beech wood and stainless steel. The materials were chosen for their durability and lightness. Beech wood has been used for centuries in the manufacturing of surfboards.

Diseño mueble Cocina neonomada camping

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